miércoles, 6 de enero de 2016

► Techno 2016 New Years Bash Mix



1. Stay With Me (Original Mix)
2. Pura Vida (The Nation Bootleg Mix)
3. The Lights (Diven)
4. Love Divided (Tribune meets Ensemble Remix)
5. Africa (Trip To Kansas)
6. Dynamite Explodes (MaLu Project Bootleg)
7. Heaven (Feat. Aila) (The Hitmen Remix)
8. Is This Really True (P!mpteam Remix)
9. 1.0 (Niccho Bootleg)

Mixed By CX Music


10. How To Save A Life (Who's that Master Bootleg Mix)
11. Here Without You 2.5 (DJ Gollum feat. DJ Cap Remix)
12. Lost In The Discotheque (Extended Mix)
13. Sandstorm (NeoTune! Remix)
14. Wonderland (G-Mix)
15. Best Of 2015 (Extended Mix)
16. 2.0 (Niccho Bootleg)

Mixed By DJFlyBeat


17. Dare (Original Mix)
18. Turn The Signs (Sl1Kz Remix)
19. Forgive You (PreDancer Remix)
20. Morena (Commercial Club Crew Remix)
21. Move Your Body (DJ THT Remix)
22. Emotion (Love Sign) (P!Crash Remix)
23. Stars (Phillerz Remix)
24. Dancing Alone (DJ THT Remix)
25. Watcha Say (B-Tastic Remix)

Mixed By DJ Yofreddo


25. Club Sound (Basshunter Theme)
26. How Old Are You (Megastylez Tribute 2 Master Blaster)
27. Drive by (Enveloperz! Bootleg)
28. Don't Let You Go (Quickdrop Remix)
29. Holy Ground (Original Mix)
30. Down Low (Extended Mix)
31. Start Again (DJ THT Mix)
32. WOLO [We Only Live Once] (Dan Winter Remix)
33. Alors On Danse (DJ THT & Ced Tecknoboy Bootleg)
34. Summertime [Farewell] (Raindropz! Remix)

Mixed By DJ Ekki


35. 24 Hours Happiness (Justin Corza Remix)
36. Drinks Up To The Sky (Extended Mix)
37. All I Want (Scoon & Delore Remix)
38. Fight (Extended Mix)
39. Live Our Fantasy (Extended Mix)
40. Even If My Heart Dies (Justin Corza Remix)
41. Masterpiece (Phillerz Remix)
42. Game Of Love (Vanilla Kiss Remix)
43. In The End (S&D Mix)

Mixed By DJ Light


44. Give Me An Insomnia (THT & CTB Bootleg Mix)
45. On And On (Jaxx N Danger Remix)
46. Celebrate The Summer (Verano Nasty Summer Remix)
47. Everytime You Leave (Age Pee Remix)
48. Paradise (Megastylez Remix)
49. Love Message (Tune Up! vs.DJ Manian Remix)
50. Give Me (Bazzpitchers Remix)
51. Until The End (Monday 2 Friday Remix)

Mixed By DJ Slack

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